Wire Wrapping Jewelry

For the past few months, I’ve been thinking about jewelry. I love creating. My go-to craft is knitting; however, I haven’t knitted anything (continuously) in the past several months. I occasionally go through crafting droughts where I don’t feel like knitting, so there’s no surprise. I have not done too much crafting. I have kept my hands busy with the organization around the home for the past few months. I have been tumbling rocks to incorporate into jewelry-making at some point; however, that’s about it.

Over the past month, I’ve slowly added to my jewelry supply stash, and at the end of last week, I started wrapping jewelry. Have you heard the expression, “It’s like riding a bike?” Meaning once you learn, you won’t forget. Wire wrapping wasn’t like that, at least not for me. Now that I think about it, I have not done any wire wrapping/weaving since my daughter was in elementary school, so at least 13 years.

My sloppily wire-wrapped copper ring.

Last evening, I decided to work on a ring. I used 20 gauge copper wire for my base and to wrap I used 26 gauge copper wire. Results? I still felt clumsy, and although I wanted to redo the ring last evening, I figured it might be wise to get to bed since I worked today. I could not help but laugh at the failure of simple weaving and braided technique. So, returning to wire wrapping was not “like riding a bike.” I’m taking the basic steps to become proficient, and that’s perfectly fine.

I used my wooden jewelry making vise to assist with my wire wrapping
Wire wrapped copper ring

Today, I decided to work on a simple wrap technique and focused on keeping the woven wire tight.

I was very pleased with the results, although many flaws still exist. I was delighted with my progress. I plan to remake both rings this weekend.

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