Wire Weaving: Copper Heart Pendant

I’ve been practicing my wire-wrapping techniques for the past few days.

Yesterday, I used 30 gauge wire as the wrapping wire and tried pyramid weave. My wrapping is getting neater; however, it still needs more practice, and I think I’ll move back to 26 gauge or try 28 gauge.

I didn’t do too much wire wrapping today.

I may have worked on this heart for about 15 minutes early this evening, which will eventually become a pendant.

I was following Back to Earth Creations: Wire Weaving Master Class: Wrapped Heart tutorial. I enjoy Yvonne’s teaching style. She has many free tutorials on YouTube; however, I enjoy her teaching style so much that I purchased a membership. Since I’m not thrilled with my wrapping techniques with such thin wire, I’ll remove the 30 gauge wire wrap and replace the wrap with 28 gauge copper wire. Since I don’t have any 28-gauge wire, I’ll have to wait until it arrives. I ordered a few rolls at the end of last week. It should be here later this week.

Later this week, I will finish knitting some socks I started a few years ago. I started them before my parents got sick, so that must have been at least two years. Once finished, I’ll have a brand-new pair of hand-knit socks. I’ll have to post a picture of the socks sometime this week.

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