This is one of her favorite knits…

Although this is an old hat, it’s one of my daughter’s favorites that I knitted for her about four years. She wears it constantly. I told her this hat needed to be upgraded.

Daughter 4.12.15

I’ve been knitting since I was eight; however, I didn’t venture into cables until about four years ago. This was one of my first successful cable knitted projects. Bonus points, that my daughter loved it so much!

Daughter_2 4.12.15

The above photos were taken yesterday, a few hours after visiting the BF’s Roman Catholic church. The above picture is a sign that my daughter was happy.

View_ 1 4.12.15
High Rock at Pen Mar State Park


She loves to lay on her stomach and relax. She’s my daughter. I do the same thing.

View_2 4.12.15
View from High Rock at Pen Mar State Park



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