The Art of Spinning and Weaving circa 1920, Boston Museum of Arts

Check out the video that I included below. It features spinning/weaving video from the 1920’s. Thinking back to the “olden days,” we can truly appreciate how much our crafting technology has advanced, but you know what? I do appreciate doing many of my handcrafts the “old way.” Because of that, you will find me regularly participating in crafts that connects me to the past.

Catwoman sewing


My boyfriend has been hinting about wedding rings. We’ve already talked about marriage, but waiting on God to lead us. He’s courted me for a little over a year, but I’ve known him since high school… so about 28 years. Last evening, when he called to do devotions, he asked me to send him pictures of  “rings that I like.”  I don’t want anything elaborate, something simple and non-traditional. I will design/create my own wedding gown if/when that occurs and do the same with the simple jewelry I wear. Now that I think about it… it would be nice to spin, weave part of the fabric for that dress… we’ll see.

Website shenanigans

Well… earlier this morning, I did something wonky and deleted my last post on this site and while I (usually) regularly back up my WordPress site, I didn’t back up my site last week, do that post is gone. Kaput! No worries, I’ll repost it again, and will include some additions.

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