Stocking up on sewing essentials

If you were to stop by my sewing room, you would see a lot of thread.

I use three different types for the various machines that I use, and you want to know something? Even though I have a lot of two of the threads, I’m lacking regular sewing thread. Spools? Sure, I have plenty of those; however, I much prefer the cone thread because of the amount of yardage that you find on them. Well… to remedy that, a few moments ago, I purchased some cone thread for regular sewing.

American & Efird Thread
American & Effird – General purpose thread

The above brand, is the general purpose thread I chose. I ordered it from Wawak. If past orders are an indication, I should be receiving this order tomorrow. This particular thread that I ordered has 6,000 yards of thread on each cone. I chose the standard back and white thread. If I like it, I’ll purchase more.


maxi-lock Serger Thread
Maxi-Lock Serger Thread


Now let’s take a look at the cone thread that I do have in abudance. See the above thread, it’s Maxi-Lock, I use that and Gutermann Thread for my Serger and Overlock machines. No, I can’t use this thread in my regular sewing machine. Why? This thread is much  thinner than standard sewing thread, so it would not be as durable. Serger thread is thinner because you are using more than one cone (or spool) of thread for stitching.  I normally use four cones of thread at a time, when I use my Serger or Overcast machine.


Metro Embroidery Thread
Metro Embroidery Thread

I also use cone thread for embroidery, but that thread is shiny and it’s made for one purpose… embroidery. I could use it for general sewing, but that would be silly and very costly since my embroidery thread costs more than the other threads that I use.

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