Soapmaking: cold processed soap

Last Sunday,

I was able to show a friend how to make cold processed soap. It sure was a lot of fun! They left with about eight pounds of soap, the two soap molds that were curing the soap and my first soap cutter.


Since I had planned on giving them the bulk of the soap I only had leftovers, which filled this cedarwood soap mold about halfway.

I promptly wrapped a towel around my mold. I’m unsure why, since I do have a cover for this mold, but it doesn’t matter, the soap was covered and insulated.

My friend received 36 bars of soap from the soap that was made at my home. How much did I receive from the leftovers? Six bars of soap and that’s fine by me. I have lots of soap at my home, easily 60 bars of soap. This coming week, I’ll be making a big batch of soap that might be ready by Christmas. If so, I’ll be giving away a few bars to my daughter’s teachers.

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  1. Are the soaps you make vegan? Just curious…most of the ones I have seen in the craft/vendor shows I have been to in the last 2 or 3 years haven’t been. They seem to all (or most) contain lard. Not sure why that is the case more often than not. Goats milk is another ingredient I have seen a lot of lately.


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    Yes, most of the soaps I make are vegan. I did make a soap with lard, just because I wanted to make a ‘pioneer soap.’ Laura Ingalls wrote about ‘softsoap’ in her Little House series. I saw it mainly written in her book Farmer Boy. Lard adds hardness to a soap bar, but that can be achieved with other hard oils that are vegan.


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