So, I made cards…

All right, this isn’t a fabric related post; however, I’m still writing about it since it’s still craft related. This past Friday, we celebrated my BF’s sons birthday. He turned 19 on on May 3.

Handcrafted Cards TL_2 5.4.15
Handmade card and envelope

I figured cash would be a suitable gift and so I hunted around to find an appropriate card. There was only one thing wrong… I found out that I was down to my last handcrafted card. Uh oh! It was a simple white embossed card that I’d made years ago. Also, there was no envelope. Oh no! Since I didn’t have time to make an envelope, I simply tucked the cash inside the card and stuck everything into a small gift bag.


Handcrafted Cards_TL_1 5.4.15
Handcrafted Cards and envelopes that I made

However yesterday, I started making some cards.

Handcrafted Cards TL_8 5.4.15
Simple envelope and a card.

The above cards are simple to make, which meant no sketching, stamping, embossing, etc., was done; however, I will be getting a bit more elaborate later this week. I’ll make a few birthday and holiday cards.

While I was making cards, my daughter was beside me sketching and later she started playing World of Warcraft. It was a wonderful way to spend our Sunday and I hope we have many more of these lazy days.

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