Slow progress with my king sized knitted afghan and a knitting light

My knitted afghan is slowly growing.

It’s slow because I still am experiencing left wrist/arm pain, however, I do make an effort to knit at least a few minutes each day.

Now granted, the past few weeks, that hasn’t happened even though I did manage to still knit a few times weekly. Hopefully, in the future, I can change that.

Several months ago, when my daughter was out with her grandfather (my father), she purchased me a sweet little battery operated clip-on light. She explained to me that I could use it for knitting with dark yarn. I thought it was thoughtful that she thought of me and purchased it with her own money. I used that little clip-on light until it stopped working and I must say I still have that light because it came from her. Unfortunately, you could not access the battery and so there it sits languishing.

A few hours ago, I finally got around to purchasing a proper rechargeable (usb) light. It’s flexible and will hang around my neck. The reviews for the product seem to be great and it’s a bright light, which will make it perfect for the dark purple of my knitted afghan.

Also, I purchased this yarn. It’s Paton’s Dragon Dance. I only purchased one skein, but if I like it, I’ll purchase enough to make a twin sized blanket. I love color and I believe this would look fabulous as an afghan.

And… I purchased this book, Evidence That Demands A Verdict. It’s over 700 pages! It’s written from the Christian Apologetics view. I tell my daughter it’s important to be able to explain the why of your belief system. That holds true with anything. I can do that, but it’s always nice to have other resources on hand. Reading the Bible is part of my daily reading. I have devotions daily and also reread the Bible. When I finish I simply start reading it again. Despite the times I’ve read it, my knowledge continues to deepen. How awesome is that? I purchased this book on Amazon and since I’m a Prime member, it should arrive here on Saturday. I’ve heard Josh McDowell in person. He spoke at the university I attended.

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