Shale Baby Blanket… update

I’m exclusively knitting the Shale baby blanket by Jared Flood. This blanket is much simpler to knit than it might appear. It’s a four-row repeat. The first row being the setup row. It creates a beautiful lacy design. Once I cast on for this blanket, I decided to stop knitting the blocks for the log cabin blanket until I’m finished knitting this blanket. I know, I know… I said I’d be knitting on both, but I changed my mind. Besides, I most likely will need to wear a “finger protector” for knitting that blanket. The bind-off was giving me callouses. Regarding the shale blanket, I’m not making the baby blanket and so I added an additional 100 cast-on stitches, to bring the total stitches to 251. Additionally, I’m using my US size 6 Hiya Hiya interchangeable stainless steel sharp knitting needles.

You know what? I’m at the point where I’m trying to convince myself to stop knitting this blanket and just turn it into a poncho, skirt or… some other item. For whatever reason, I tend to do that with the blankets I’ve knit. However, I know it will pass.


I’m looking forward to seeing how heavy this knitted blanket will be once I’m finished this knitting project. This is going to have some weight! I stated that when this blanket was about 4″ and now it’s around 30″ or perhaps a little over that? I do believe the next new blanket I start will be another Shale baby blanket and I most likely will cast on the same amount of stitches (251) however, I will knit that blanket at a much slower pace. I’m still undecided on what color the yarn will be, however, it will most likely be a jewel tone color and I do believe I’ll make it in superwash wool. Regarding the Shale baby blanket, my goal is have finished knitting this blanket by the end of September and if I continue to knit at this pace, this won’t be an issue.

Jumbo Yarn ball winder by Nancy’s Knit Knacks

I’ve had the opportunity to wind one more yarn cake with my Jumbo Yarn ball winder by Nancy’s Knit Knacks and I must say I have no regrets in making this purchase. It was a bit pricey, costing $301, however, it was worth the price.


Lacis Swift/Skein Winder

I had ordered this Lacis swift a day after ordering my jumbo yarn ball winder from Nancy’s Knit Knacks. I ordered it from a seller on eBay. It should have arrived earlier, however, according to the seller there was some mixup, and so it was delayed. Admittedly, I was slightly disappointed, however, the communication from the seller was amazing. They did a great job of keeping me in the loop so I would order from them again.

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