Sewing (reusable) Christmas gift bags…

If you know me, you realize I’m all about reusing items. I think we create way too much waste. If you were to stop by our space, you’d see that I actively practice what I preach. Whether it’s the  pyrex glass storage containers, to the hand sewn and embroidered lunch bags, the insulated lunch jar that my daughter carries to work… reusing is a part of our daily lifestyle.


Sewing Christmas Gift Bag.12.16.14
Reusable gift bag

At work we do “Secret Santa.” I think it’s dumb, but it’s a small annoyance, so I do it. This year the person I picked is someone I talk to often and I like her also. As part of her gift, I created the above reusable bag. It was a last minute thing, since I did it this morning, but I still liked how it turned out. This bag also has a lining, but it really did not need that; however, the lining increases it’s durability. I used my serger machine for this project and did a bit of slipstitch around the drawstring edge.

Note to self, purchase proper “drawstring cord,”  in a variety of colors/textures so I’m not relying on twill tape.

How did I determine the appropriate size?

Since I had my co-workers items on hand, it simply was a matter of placing the items on the fabric needed for the bag, and using my dressmakers ruler, to create an appropriate sized bag.  This was a simple project to make and thanks to the serger machine, with a few minor tension adjustments, was completed in no time. More importantly, my coworker liked her gift, and told me she wasn’t reusing this bag to give to anyone. She was keeping it for herself.


I’m seriously thinking about going the sewing route for all my gift bags. For a simple bag, it does not take long to sew. My next “big project” are simple gifts for my daughters classmates. I will sew their bags and of course items for the teachers.



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