Sewing Accessories from Wawak

Yesterday, I received my order from Wawak. I love Wawak, I normally receive my orders from them the very next day. Purchasing from them saves me the hassle of going to the fabric store, which isn’t exactly close to our home.

It was a small order…

  • three rolls of elastic
  • two cones of thread
  • one seam ripper

but the total came to a little over $50. All the items ordered, with the exception of the seam ripper, were bulk items so hence the high price.
Wawak Haul_2 12.10.14

I now have plenty of elastic, and black and white thread, to last me for quite some time.

Wawak Haul_1 12.10.14

Take a look at the cone thread, it is huge! I had a chance to sew with the black thread and I like it a lot, so I’ll be placing an order for more in additional colors.

Newly created garment

Today, I wore the maxi skirt that I’d sewn. In fact, this morning before work, I made last minute adjustments to the hem using my Brother 1034D (Serger) and my Brother 2340CV (Coverstitch.) I love those machines! I’ll have to take pictures so you can see the finished garment and the coverstitched hem. In that post, I’ll be sure to include a photo tutorial of what I do to cover the raw edges.

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