Purchased fabric/accessories on Black Friday

This morning, shortly after 6:00 a.m., my daughter and I were at JoAnn Fabric store. We were taking advantage of their Black Friday Sale.  As I already mentioned, this the first time that I’ve been to a store on Black Friday.

These days, I rarely purchase fabric from JoAnn, most of my fabric shopping is completed online. However, there’s a Middle School dance coming up next Saturday and I did not  feel like taking a chance on getting a package that might not arrive on time.

burda young 7308

I didn’t feel like drafting a pattern for my daughter, so she looked through the pattern books and chose the above pattern. Besides, working from a commercial pattern will give her a feel for what that is like and it help her in making sizing adjustments.

Fabric_2 11.28.14
This fabric shimmers, my daughter is loving it a lot!


Here’s the fabric that she chose. She then reminded me that she wanted a lace bolero top to accompany the dress

Fabric_3 11.28.14
Side by side shot of the fabric bolts

and so she choose this.
Fabric_4 11.28.14

Here’s a closer shot of the lace, with it spread out so you can see the design a bit better. I’ve never been overly crazy about the lace offered at JoAnn’s, but my daughter likes it a lot so as long as she’s happy that’s what matters, right?

She wasn’t the only one that purchased material though. They had Christmas themed fabric in the 70% off bin and I allowed myself one selection.

Fabric_5 11.28.14

Look, it’s Charlie Brown! I’ve always loved the Charlie Brown Christmas movies. I did notice that this  Charlie Brown print is devoid of any Christmas sayings. Perhaps that is why it was marked down so low? It’s not something I’m overjoyed about myself. But I’m guessing someone thought this would be a great way to avoid the risk stepping on anyone’s overly sensitive toes.

Notions 11.28.14

Besides fabric, I still needed to purchase a few additional sewing notions and I purchased what you see above. These notions along with the items that should be coming from Amazon tomorrow will keep me in accessories heaven for a long time.

We were in the store for about an hour and the majority of that time was spent waiting for our ticket to be called so we could get our fabric measured and cut. Yes, it really was that crowded in the fabric store less than 15 minutes after it opened. People were lined up with carts filled with fabric. Apparently there were some awesome fabric deals going on and that’s not surprising, after all… it is Black Friday!

Black Horsehair Braid
Black Horsehair Braid

Oh… I did have to order one thing online for my daughter’s dress. Horsehair braid! I ordered it from Wawak, based on their turnaround time, it should be here within a few days.

A few hours after arriving home, I serged the raw fabric edges and then washed and dried the fabric. This is standard procedure for any fabric that enters this home and yes that includes dry clean only fabric also.

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