Patreon: Supporting my favorite Youtube Artist, aPenas Illustrator

Besides my daughter, my favorite artist is the supersweet Youtuber aPenas Illustrator. I discovered her a few months ago and have binge-watched most of her videos. I love her illustrations. In some ways, she reminds me of my daughter. I must say that Bia’s enthusiasm is contagious. Watching her videos adds another bright ray to my sparkling days

Last week, she posted her latest drawing, mice! Mice are my favorite critters. That was the day (January 30) that I decided to become a Patreon supporter. Although I initially chose the incorrect subscription, I reached out to her by Patreon text, and Bia responded and told me that I could change my Patreon membership. So I upgraded to the top tier, which is Whales, and chose the yearly subscription.

Since I chose the top tier, I will be getting the mice stickers and quite a few other goodies in my Patreon Box, and it’s coming from Portugal!
I’m looking forward to receiving my goodie box. I’m sure I’ll share some of the goodies with my lovely daughter.

In her latest video, she listened to her subscribers and shared parts of her daily life with Youtubers. I enjoyed this immensely. Thank you, Bia! Also, she shared the process she uses when testing out new products. In this video, she sublimated her latest mouse designs onto canvas pouches.

Tomorrow I plan to start knitting another dishcloth, and I’ll be sublimating a hoodie for myself. I’m also thinking about sublimating onto sweatpants. I’ve never sublimated onto pants before. I plan to watch a few videos tonight and then start sublimating tomorrow.


Sublimation: One more tumbler

Yesterday, I met up with my friend Julie for lunch. We had a great time together, and the time flew by.

Completed sublimated 20oz skinny tumbler placed onto its side
Mickey and Minnie design was placed onto sublimated paper

I didn’t arrive at the restaurant empty-handed; I came bearing sublimation gifts. I made J a sublimation shoulder bag, tumbler, and hoodie. The theme was Mickey and Minnie Mouse for all the items gifted to her. I had wanted to make these things for her when I surprised her with the Mickey and Minnie Mouse stickers almost a month ago now. However, due to time constraints, I was unable to create those items at that time, and so they were placed on hold.

But, back to the tumbler. I chose the design I wanted to make for Julie printed out the design on A-Sub, the sublimation paper I use. I placed it into the convection oven that I use exclusively for sublimating, and five minutes later, I had an awesome tumbler.

Sublimated tumbler with shrunken shrink film

Sublimating Skinny Tumblers

  1. Print design on sublimation paper, use mirror image.
  2. Allow a few minutes to dry.
  3. Apply lint roller to tumbler to remove any dust
  4. Try not to touch the exterior of the tumbler to reduce transferring oils to the surface of the tumbler.
  5. Wrap tumbler with sublimation paper, secure with sublimation tape
  6. Place shrink wrap tumbler sleeve over tumbler
  7. Use a heat gun to shrink the shrink wrap
  8. Place oven thermometer inside the oven
  9. Set convection oven on bake.
  10. Set temperature to 350 F
  11. Set timer for five minutes
  12. Place tumblers into the 350 F oven
  13. Turn tumbler at 2.5 minutes
  14. Take tumbler out of the oven, and submerge into a pot of cool water
  15. Remove from water
  16. Peel off sublimation paper
  17. Dry and enjoy your sublimated tumbler

I linked to Snazzy Moon’s design on Youtube in my last video. I’ve found their youtube videos to be very helpful for tumbler sublimation, and they are my go-to videos for creating sublimated tumblers. Additionally, the owner is amiable and responds to comments left on their Youtube page.

Sublimated Hoodie

Friday, I created the sublimation hoodies. Yes, I said hoodies. I made her two; however, one of them did not turn out well, so I’ll be redoing that. And I finally had time to complete everything I wanted to create for her this past weekend. I made her two shirts. One turned out great, the other? Meh, I need to remove the vinyl and try again. I’ll have to write a post about that and show the before and after.


In other news…

Heat resistant gloves for sublimating

I purchased two pairs of heat-sensitive gloves. I have several pairs; however, a few are used for our wood stove, and I also have a few sets for baking. So I’m not using those for sublimating.

Portable Project Case

I purchased a few more project folders. I have eight of them which I use for my sticker papers, shrink film, and sublimated paper. Since my stock-pile is growing, I discovered that I needed a few more.

T-Shirt Folder

I also purchased a T-shirt folder; three sizes. I actually think I do a great job folding t-shirts; however, I must say that I’m wanting to check this tool out for myself.


Early Morning Sublimation

As I mentioned in my last video, I was up much past midnight. I finally went to bed around 3:00 AM. I thought about sublimating; however, I decided to take it easy and wait until I awoke later this morning. I was up around 5:40 AM. And started getting ready to sublimate. Here’s what I did!

I sublimated a shirt and tumbler for my nephew. I sublimated the shirt first. He loves the manga One Piece, and so that’s what I created for him. I purchased both designs on Etsy.

Sisir (pronounced Ceasar) Easy Subli HTV was used to sublimate on a 50% Cotton, 50% polyester shirt.

I must say that I love this product, and it’s definitely worth the price you pay per sheet. I first printed the graphic onto A-Sub Sublimation Paper, and then I transferred that onto the Sisir Easy Subli. I’d washed the shirt last night. I prepped the shirt by using my lint roller on the shirt. I then placed it on the new table that I’d opened up this morning and prepared the surface for 15 seconds with my Cricut EasyPress 2.

I loved the results. There was no ghosting today since I remembered to prep my surface and the shirt by placing my Cricut EasyPress 2 on the surface for 15 seconds. Then, I neatly folded up my nephew’s shirt and moved on to the 20oz. Skinny tumbler. I’ve sublimated tumblers twice before and was not happy with the results.

If you’re looking for great tips on tumbler sublimation, I would highly recommend watching Snazzy Moon Designs on Youtube. The videos are incredibly informative. As before, I followed the directions Tracey mentioned in the above video.

The design was printed on A-Sub Sublimation paper. First, I used my lint roller to wipe down the tumbler. Next, I applied the printed design to the tumbler, wrapping the A-Sub paper firmly around it and securing it in place with heat-resistant tape. Next, I placed a shrink-wrap sleeve over the tumbler. Finally, I used my heat gun t shrink (not melt) the shrink wrap. I then put it in the oven for five minutes (turning at the halfway mark). The temperature was 350 F.

The tumbler turned out perfectly!

My nephew loved the shirt and the tumbler. The long sleeve shirt was promptly put on shortly after we arrived at their home, and when we left (hours later), he stated that he’d be wearing it again and again. He thanked me again, through my daughter, shortly after we arrived home.

Tomorrow, I have a few more sublimated shirts and tumblers to make. This time, I’m making them for a former co-worker/friend.

Folding Multipurpose/Sewing Table Craft Table Sturdy Computer Desk by Sew Ready; It’s here!

A little over an hour ago, my lovely daughter (and I) put together Folding Multipurpose/Sewing Table Craft Table Sturdy Computer Desk by Sew Ready. It’s been in its box since Monday. It arrived one day early. This desk is sturdy, and we assembled it quickly. I’m delighted with the purchase. The table is portable. It was the main selling point in my purchasing since when it’s not in use, I’ll collapse the table and place it in the closet in my office/crafting room. After putting the table together, I broke it down,  carried it upstairs, and placed it in my office/crafting room.

I’ll mainly use it for sewing, cutting, and other crafty things. It’s almost midnight, and I’m wide awake—no surprise there since I’m a morning and night person. I have blanks (sweatshirts and sweatpants) in the dryer, and I most likely will do some sublimation before going to bed. I’m making a shirt for my nephew. He likes the Manga/Anime called One Piece. With my daughter’s help, I found a few suitable .png images that I’ll use. One, I’ll place on the 20oz skinny tumbler, and the other, I’ll put on the shirt. I’ll see him later today. I’m hoping he likes them.

Sublimating Siser HTV white glitter on a black shirt

It’s here! My table arrived a day early, and I had an unexpected day off work. I had no idea I was off work until I logged onto my work computer and saw the schedule. Since I had some paperwork that I wanted to complete, I completed the work assignment and logged off after two hours, and after that, I just rested. The past several weeks have been so busy, and I know my body needed the rest, so I listened and rested.

About ten minutes ago, I finished reapplying Siser (pronounced Ceasar) white glitter HTV to the black long sleeve shirt I’d sublimated last week; I then reapplied the Set it Off design. I used my Cricut EasyPress 2 as my “heat press.” I must say it did a great job. Why did I reapply the design? I washed the shirt and forgot to turn the shirt inside out. Guess what? Most of the shirt design’s ink was washed out with the first wash. Hmm, not great. Silhouette made the printable HTV I’d used. I’m not going to give up on the Silhouette. Next time I print on the Silhouette printable HTV, I” be sure to turn it inside out when washing.

But back to the Sublimation on HTV white glitter. The above photo shows the A-Sub paper after pressing it onto the black long sleeve shirt.


Mistakes with this Siser white glitter HTV

I see a bit of ghosting near the girls’ pigtails; however, that’s my fault; I did not prep the shirt before applying the design. In addition, the recently Set It Off that I printed was slightly smaller than the original. Since I measured the glitter against the background already on the shirt, it’s a tad smaller. I noticed this before applying the Siser HTV white glitter; however, I used it anyway since I will add something else to that area.

I still haven’t unpacked the table. Who knows, it might wait until I’m off of work. I’m off Thursday and Friday of this week and the following Monday.