One Year One Outfit 2015

Since I’m trying to work myself back into the sewing equation, I’ve entered a few long-term sewing challenges.

One Year One Outfit

One of the ones I decided to join was the One Year One Outfit 2015 challenge. What is that exactly? I’m glad you ask, check it out…

The Aim

In 2015, I am going to set myself a simple but challenging goal, and I hoping a few of you will join me.

Make one outfit out of fabric sourced and made locally, that uses no synthetic dyes, and is sustainably farmed. Other than sourcing this fabric I will buy no new fabrics in 2015.

Yes please! I’m all for supporting local businesses!

An Invitation

This is all an adventure, one that you are welcome to actively join in. Do you think you could find a local fibre that meets these aims? Is there a fibreshed program in your area that you could link into? Or a spinning and weaving group? Do you want to learn more about how fabric is made? Do you want to learn a new skill like natural dyeing, weaving or spinning? You can modify the goals to suit you (particularly the no new fabrics bit!) as needed as long as the intent is still there.

Challenge accepted! Fortunately, I do know a few local spinners that source their wool locally and so I’ll be all over this. It’s a shame that I don’t know how to spin (yet) however, I will be happy to support a local spinner to make my own hand woven fabric that I will make into a dress. Many thanks to Nicki for allowing me to participate. I plan on documenting the entire process, so this will be a series of post.

2 thoughts to “One Year One Outfit 2015”

  1. Where is your ‘fibershed’? And how big of an area are you calling local? I love checking out everyone’s progress on this challenge! best of luck, Kimbersew


    ThreadLover Reply:

    Oh it’s very local, perhaps within 20 miles of me? A church member has sheep, and she spins also. I would love to learn spinning, but I’m unsure if I’d be proficient enough to incorporate that into this project! I am planning on dying the wool with some of the mulberries I collected from the mulberry tree that grows in our back yard.


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