New Years Eve; another three day weekend

I’m looking forward to some more time to be creative. I ordered 50 sheets of Graphix Inkjet Shrink Film which should arrive sometime today. Early this morning, I bought Siser Easy Subli HTV and Mask Sublimation Sheets, five sheets each. That should come sometime next week. I’ve read that it allows you to print your sublimation designs on fiber that is not polyester. I also ordered Sihouetee heat transfer HTV for dark fabric, which I’ll be picking up later today. I also bought two long sleeve black shirts; one for myself and the other for my daughter.

I’m curious to try them all out; I’ve seen a few videos about it from various Youtubers; I’ll order it in larger batches if I like how they feel.

It’s currently 11:03 AM, and I’m tired. I’ve been awake since 2:00 AM. Don’t ask me why? I most likely will try to take a nap for about an hour. Currently, I’m sipping some Earl Grey tea and am thankful that I’m not working. I plan to create more shrink film crafts, and perhaps I’ll sublimate a mug? If I do so this evening, I do believe I’ll post my results on Threadlover.

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