More hand-knit socks and snacks

A few weeks ago, I finally finished the navy blue school socks that I made for my daughter. It’s the only color she can wear at her Lutheran School. They were made from 70% merino and 30% silk. I’ll have to post a picture. She’s received compliments on them. She says they are her favorite socks. Merino can be incredibly soft, the merino in those socks fall in that category. If I were to guess, I’d say their micron count is 15. (The lower the micron count, the softer the fiber will be.) The silk adds durability. Those socks should last a long time.

The socks featured here are being knit for myself. I’m using my Hiya Hiya interchangeable sock needles. The yarn is 90% merino and 10% nylon (for durability). The majority of my socks are made from all natural fiber. I’m knitting these socks two at a time, toe-up. I’m using a simple ribbed stitch (k2, p2), rinse and repeat for all rows. I most likely will use the ‘fleegle heel’ when I need to create the heel. With my socks, I only do the ribbed stitch on the top of the foot. The sole is simple stockinette stitch. After the heel is completed I do k2, p2 (front and back) until I reach the desired length up the cuff/leg.

A few weeks ago, I finished rereading the Bible and I’m reading through it again. I’m still in Genesis, but tonight I skipped ahead, I’ll go back and reread, but I do read additional scripture besides my daily rereading of the Bible. I moved on to read in Exodus. It’s the part where God gives detailed instructions on building the temple, Exodus 26-28. He didn’t leave out anything, from the curtain construction, to the actual temple and how it was to be decorated and also the garments of the priests. Have you read the account? If you haven’t I encourage you to read those chapters. As a handcrafter, I can appreciate the details. It’s also a wonderful reminder, for Christians, that God thinks of everything. So, why at times, do we doubt him? I’m quoting from memory the following verse…
“Trust in the Lord with ALL thine heart and lean not to YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. In ALL YOUR WAYS acknowledge him and HE shall DIRECT your path.”

This evening, my daughter had this snack

while we watched, Happy People: A Year in the Taiga Official Trailer. It was amazing and kept my attention the entire time. I could easily see myself living this way. Simple and self sufficient. I love that. My daughter, she wouldn’t mind visiting, but she would not like to do this permanently.

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