Monogamous Knitting and Audio Bible ( theatrical version)

Recently, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy listening to audiobooks while I’m knitting. Before, I was watching shows on Amazon video or Netflix, but… my daughter and I really aren’t television watchers and… I also found myself abandoning movies/series because the content wasn’t appropriate (nudity, sex, swearing). Because of that, I decided to search for another way to occupy my time while knitting. I discovered audiobooks! In the past, I had listened to audio content, while knitting, but I haven’t done it exclusively… that is, until now.


Occasionally during the wee hours of the morning (I’m usually awake by 3:30 AM), I spend my quiet time doing my devotions. Recently, I’ve been knitting the shale baby blanket while listening to a theatrical reading of the Holy Bible. All I can say is… wow! I’m blown away by this version of my favorite book. The Word of Promise Audio Bible is my first audio Bible and I got it from Audible. I still prefer physically reading my Bible daily, but this is a nice addition.


This audio version of the Bible is over 90 hours (Which means a whole lot of listening/knitting!) and thus far, I’m enjoying it immensely!

I’m typically a monogamous knitter when it comes to large knitting projects. I haven’t knit anything else since starting this project on 7/26/18. Guess what? A little over a month later and this adult-sized version of the Shale baby blanket is nearly complete, however, I’ve recently added one more skein of yarn to be knit, so that’s 465 yards before I’m finished and… I might add another skein. We’ll see!

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