Mindless knitting… it’s not always about sewing

Last evening, I picked up my beloved Hiya Hiya needles and continued knitting this simple ribbed hat. I enjoy knitting and my favorite no brainer stitch would be the ribbed stitch.

Knitted Hat_1 12.11.14


With this hat, I used (k2, p2) which is easy, and fits comfortably when you don’t want to spend time looking at your stitches. My daughter finds the soft clicking on my stainless steel Hiya Hiya needles to be very soothing and I must say that I like it also. Also, with this stitch, I don’t have to look at my needles while I’m stitching.

The yarn used is Malabrigo yarn. This yarn is incredibly soft and about the only type of wool that I can wear without itching. Malabrigo comes from the wool of merino sheep.

This evening, I plan to get do a bit more knitting, while hanging out with my daughter. We’ll most likely watch something on the Amazon Fire TV. I really would like to finish watching The Woman In Black, I’ve added it to my watchlist and have watched some of it… but have been much too busy with sewing and hanging with my daughter to watch it completely.

 In other news…

I finally finished sewing my embroidered top and I’m wearing it today at work!

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