Long sleeved maxi dress

Here in Maryland, it’s starting to get cold! You know, I haven’t made too many things for myself this spring/summer. I have sewed; however, it’s mainly been alterations which is the one thing I hate the most about sewing, Of course, it means that’s the main thing that I’ve accomplished.

True to my word, I have not purchased any clothing since I made the vow that moving forward, I would not be buying any ready made clothing. I much prefer making my own, even though (at times) it can require a lot of work with the designing and sewing process. However, I’m assured a customized article of clothing and they fit perfectly.


For myself cold weather and maxi dresses just go together and so I’m looking at the above pattern as a reference. I’ll tweak it a bit and create my own sloper.

Gold knit fabric_1 12.20.14

I still need to use the above fabric. I’m torn between creating and designing a maxi dress, maxi skirt or palazzo pants. This evening, I’m hoping oping that I actually get to sew for myself.

2 thoughts to “Long sleeved maxi dress”

  1. I vote for the maxi dress, but only because I’m obsessed with them, lol…great material!


    ThreadLover Reply:

    I’m obsessed with them too. I’m hoping to actually start working on one this week!


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