Knitting: More four at a time socks…

It’s been so busy the past few months which has caused me to be quiet on my websites. During that time, I’ve been dealing with life… its highs and lows and to round that out, I had two wrist sprains (yes at the same time) in November. But despite the occasional hurdles, I still have so much to be thankful for… and I have been! I did have a few months of much needed extra time with my daughter and for that I’m grateful. We’re very close.

My four at a time socks on their 40″ cable. I knit with my Hiya Hiya sharps. I have the small and large Hiya Hiya interchangeable set.

In 2017, I have knit a lot of socks, five pairs to be exact. The last four pairs of socks, were knit, four at a time, toe-up. So twice, I’ve knit four socks at a time and I don’t plan on slowing down. Two days ago, I cast on four socks at a time.

Some might think knitting four socks a a time is a bit much, but suppose I’ve tell you that I’ve knit six socks at a time? I have seen some ladies (via various Facebook groups online) knit eight at a time. Now granted, ‘four at a timers and up’ are a rare breed of sock knitters but we’re out there! Although I have made six at a time socks, I know I won’t be doing that regularly! Six skeins of yarn means six more times there can be tangles. My standard way of knitting socks will most likely will be four at a time. Why four at a time? My daughter loves hand-knit socks as much as myself, but… she also feels bad if she has freshly made socks and mom doesn’t have any. Even though I’ve told her she shouldn’t feel terrible, she does. She’s such a tenderhearted girl. Making four socks at a time, erases those feelings for her.

Here’s the latest hand-knit socks that I’ve made. I’ll be posting additional pictures soon, just to document what I went into creating these socks. However, you can get the sock patterns free on Raverly. For the variegated socks I used the pattern Petty Harbour and the ivory colored socks used the pattern Hermoine’s Everyday socks. Yes, I knit two different patterns at the same time for the four at a time socks. It wasn’t complicated and the stitch patterns were similar. I just had to remember which was which. 🙂 I ended these socks by dropping down to my size 0 Hiya Hiya fixed circulars and doing a rib stitch (k2,p2) for about an inch.

Handknit socks, I knit them four at a time, toe-up

The ivory hand-knit socks were made for my daughter and the variegated pair, well.. I’m wearing them now. I have more pictures of those socks and will eventually getting around to posting about them.

I’m hoping to start writing a bit more regularly here. Be warned, most of my crafting has centered around sock knitting; however, I’ll be posting about some of my spinning and sewing adventures too.

2 thoughts to “Knitting: More four at a time socks…”

  1. I think that is pretty impressive. Not just knitting two at a time, but that they are different patterns. Did you have to keep notes? I would have had to. They are very nice. I love the Hermione’s. I looked them up and bookmarked the pattern. I have only ever done one type of sock but it may be time to try another.


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    No, I didn’t have to keep notes, but that’s only because there were only one row (in the four row repeat) that was different. 🙂 I’m sure I will have to keep notes when I move on to something a bit more complicated. Take for example the sock book I received a few days ago. It’s titled Op-Art Socks. The socks are gorgeous, charts are needed to complete the socks so those socks, if knit with anything else, will need to be watched very closely. 🙂

    Hermoine is a very popular sock to knit at least in the Facebook groups where I’m a member, Addicted to Sock Knitting and Sock Knitting. I’m mainly on Facebook for the crafts. The groups where I’m a member are very friendly. I’m inspired by the pictures and if I have questions, getting answers in real time is very helpful.


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