Knitting: From a hat to a tube…

Originally, this started out as a knitted hat,

Dreadlock Tube_1 12.20.14
Knitting a dreadlock tube for my locs


but somewhere along the way that’s changed. I decided to make it into a dreadlock tube.

Dreadlock Tubes_1 12.20.14
My little collection of the dreadlock tubes that I’ve knitted.


Over the past several months, I’ve knitted six (red wool dreadlock tube isn’t shown here) but I believe the one I’m knitting now will be my favorite since it is so colorful! You see the fabric in the background? It’s a jersey knit, I’ll be making either a long maxi skirt, or perhaps a dress out of that material. Guess what? The fabric matches some of the colors in the dreadlock tube that I’m knitting.

I wear my hair in dreadlock tubes quite often. My locs are very long (down to my waist.) I’ve been growing my hair out for about eight years, so yeah… they have some serious length! At times I just want to wrap them up and get them off my shoulders. Why? My locs are heavy.


Dreadlock tube
I thought this was a pretty combination


Some might be curious on how you wear a dreadlock tube. Take a look at the above picture. No, that’s not me, but it’s how I wear my tubes. The tubes give my hair a break, all that weight hanging down my back can be annoying at times. I think I’ll add a few more inches to this tube. Because the longest one that I’ve already knitted, simply isn’t long enough to contain all my hair.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, this rib stitch (k2, p2) is my favorite rib stitch.

I’m hoping to finish knitting this latest dreadlock tube, this weekend. We’ll see…

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