How to turn a zigzag stitch into a satin stitch

Oh my goodness has it been busy! I have been sewing; however, it’s mainly been alteration or minor projects like the one I’m about to highlight.

Satin Stitch Emblem.10.19.15

The above emblem. I was asked to attach this to a sweatshirt. While I do have a machine that has a pre-programmed satin stitch, I wanted to see how my Brother PC420 handled changing a zigzag stitch into a satin stitch. The results? It did a fabulous job and I really could not tell the difference. I’m really hoping that I actually get to sew today. First on the list will be serging leggings for my twelve year old daughter.

Here are a few videos that show how to turn a zigzzag stitch into a satin stitch.

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