Handknit sock addiction; Knit more socks…

I’m going into my fourth week of knitting socks. In that time, I’ve knit three pairs of socks; knee-hi socks and ankle socks. Both were knit for my daughter. Initially, I was going to make the first pair for myself, but they were a bit tight (because of the yarn weight used) and so I told my daughter to try them on and turned them into knee-hi socks. The second pair I cast on was going to be for me, but… I made the same mistake! Which is silly since I was using the same yarn and should have corrected my error, but there you go. This time, she requested ankle socks. The third pair I cast on fit my feet fine. The fiber is different along with the weight. Although listed as worsted, it feels more like DK weight yarn. Those socks and I’ve already worn them several times.

A few years ago, I was on a sock knitting kick and the urge to knit more socks is back again. Since I love the fleegle heel, it’s how I’m knitting the majority of my socks and I’m still knitting socks at least two at a time, toe-up.

A week ago, I purchased additional needles/cables for my Hiya Hiya interchangeable sharp sock knitting set and I also purchased a few more cables. I find I can’t have enough of those. 🙂 Additionally, I purchased more sock yarn. It all arrived this past weekend, I’ll post a pictures of all the new yarn soon after the skeins have been rewound with my yarn ball winder). About four skeins of the yarn purchased had a silver thread running through them. I’m excited about receiving those. I told my daughter when I was a child, I had purchased a pair of store-bought navy blue socks from Ben Franklin (department/crafting store). They were crew socks and had a silver thread running through them. I loved those socks and wore them often. Eventually, they wore out from the numerous times that I wore them and I used some of my allowance money to purchase another pair. Apparently, the fibers used wasn’t as good as the first socks that I’d purchased and those socks wore out in less than a year and when I returned to the store, I discovered they didn’t have any more of those socks. Ben Franklin closed the following year. I still have fond memories of those socks and have been meaning to replicate them for a long time. Of course, they’ll be better since they will be customized hand-knit socks

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