Four days off & no new outfits

I was so looking forward to the holiday.

I had planned on starting and completing the knit dress that I’d mentioned and at least starting on something else, but none of that happened. Thursday, I was in bed most of the day, that evening I did get up and make pajamas for my daughter. She loved those a lot, but I was still feeling out of it and listless. I just felt like I had to make something. Have you ever been like that?  I felt awful since I’d planned on spending a ton of time with my daughter, but there I was in bed sleeping. Friday was a bit better, Saturday still felt woozy and slept a lot and Sunday I was around a bit more and today I went back to work.


Rice Bag
Rice Bag

I did get some sewing accomplished on Sunday, but it was a quick project and it definitely wasn’t an outfit! I made a rice bag, that I could toss into the microwave. But even though it wasn’t an outfit, it felt nice creating something with one of my machines. Along with the rice, I added herbs and several drops of essential oils. I do believe I’ll have to make another one since my daughter seems to have claimed the one I created.

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