Farewell Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder

Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder

My beloved Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder is about to die. The past three months or so, when I use the winder, it starts to slow down and will stop after winding about 80 yards. I have to wait a few minutes before I begin to rewind the yarn and then it slows down, even more, only winding a few yards of yarn before the motor starts protesting, makes squealing noises and stops… again! This continues until I FINALLY finish rewinding a skein of yarn.  So yes, I know that the motor is going to give out. I’ve had this the Boye yarn ball winder since 2012 and since that time, it’s wound numerous yarn cakes. It was my first and only winder.

When it first started giving me issues, I had thought about purchasing the same type, but to my dismay, I discovered they weren’t making them anymore. However, that didn’t stop me from stubbornly searching for another (or a suitable electric replacement). I did find the Boye electric winder, however, they were used and were costing more than I originally purchased mine for. I purchased mine with a 50% coupon at AC Moore. Paying close to or over $100 for a used electric winder? Uh huh… no, thank you!


New Purchase: Heavy Duty Yarn Ball Winder by Nancy’s Knit Knacks

Heavy Duty Yarn Ball Winder by Nancy’s Knit Knacks

This past Friday morning, I did make a purchase. I’ve bought the Heavy Duty Yarn Ball Winder by Nancy’s Knit Knacks. This has been on my long-term purchase list for years and I FINALLY decided to make the purchase. This winder does have the option to be turned into an electric yarn ball winder, however, the actual winder is manual. It’s made out of hard maple, and it’s handcrafted with proper maintenance, it most likely will outlast me.

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