I’m back and I’m knitting…

Wow, it’s been over a year since I posted here, and so much has happened. My parents passed away, my mother on Mother’s Day, and my father a little over three months later. I was the primary caregiver for several months of my father’s life.


While things are now forever changed, I’m slowly getting back into doing things that I enjoy, and knitting is something I’m currently doing almost weekly.

This video was taken last evening; my daughter was snickering in the background. I started a knitted blanket when my mother was in the hospital. I think it’s time it gets finished, don’t you? I’m back and knitting…


Patreon: Supporting my favorite Youtube Artist, aPenas Illustrator

Besides my daughter, my favorite artist is the supersweet Youtuber aPenas Illustrator. I discovered her a few months ago and have binge-watched most of her videos. I love her illustrations. In some ways, she reminds me of my daughter. I must say that Bia’s enthusiasm is contagious. Watching her videos adds another bright ray to my sparkling days

Last week, she posted her latest drawing, mice! Mice are my favorite critters. That was the day (January 30) that I decided to become a Patreon supporter. Although I initially chose the incorrect subscription, I reached out to her by Patreon text, and Bia responded and told me that I could change my Patreon membership. So I upgraded to the top tier, which is Whales, and chose the yearly subscription.

Since I chose the top tier, I will be getting the mice stickers and quite a few other goodies in my Patreon Box, and it’s coming from Portugal!
I’m looking forward to receiving my goodie box. I’m sure I’ll share some of the goodies with my lovely daughter.

In her latest video, she listened to her subscribers and shared parts of her daily life with Youtubers. I enjoyed this immensely. Thank you, Bia! Also, she shared the process she uses when testing out new products. In this video, she sublimated her latest mouse designs onto canvas pouches.

Tomorrow I plan to start knitting another dishcloth, and I’ll be sublimating a hoodie for myself. I’m also thinking about sublimating onto sweatpants. I’ve never sublimated onto pants before. I plan to watch a few videos tonight and then start sublimating tomorrow.