Cardmaking: Prismacolor Premier – 150 Color Pencil Set

I really enjoy sending personalized letters. I enjoy receiving them also. To be honest, I send out much more than I receive, and I’m fine with that. I’m particularly fond of handcrafted cards. I create my own also, but (admittedly) my handcrafted cards are severely depleted. I haven’t made any in several months and since I had been sending out cards and not making any, my card stash was depleted. I might have had five cards ready to send. A few weekends ago, I started making more cards. I didn’t have a lot of time and so I might have completed two cards?

A few handcrafted cards

Fast forward to the present and I now have created around 16 handcrafted cards and envelopes! A few of those cards are for Christmas. My daughter and I do enjoy that time of year and while we don’t get caught up in the commercial aspect of the holiday, we enjoy the extra time that we do have to spend together. Since she’s now being homeschooled, I imagine this year will be a bit different since the majority of her schooling will be done at home. She is taking a few homeschool co-op classes.

Prismacolor Premier – 150 Color Pencil Set

But back to my handcrafted cards. Since some of these cards (ok most of them) take a lot of time to make, I don’t send these cards to everyone. I only distribute them to people that I know will appreciate them. Cardmaking is the one craft where I don’t think of myself as being proficient and so I do watch a lot of videos and ask my artistic daughter for feedback.

At the beginning of July, I purchased a set of Prismacolor soft core pencils.  Since I had chosen ‘same day’ delivery, they arrived a little after 5:00 p.m.! That’s an awesome feature of Amazon Prime! This is a want that I’d been sitting on for a few years and since they had an amazing deal on their 150 color pencils, I made the purchase. I had a set of Prismacolors before, but it was a much smaller set and I’d given those away to a friend but held on to my Faber-Castell Polychrosmos (oil based) set. Prismacolor’s are wax based pencils and I do enjoy using them, but my preference is still my Faber-Castel Polychrosmos.

July 11 was Amazon Prime Day and it is also the first time I actually purchased something. I only bought two products and the total was $26.34. The items that I purchased were already budgeted and so I wasn’t spending unnecessary money. Since I knew date for PrimeDay, I just held off purchasing the items until then.

One purchase (item needed for car maintenance) wasn’t on sale.

But, the sketch pencils that I also purchased for my daughter, were! Initially, I wasn’t going to tell her about the pencils and just let it be a surprise; however, since I wanted to make sure that I bought the correct drawing tools, I showed her the items and it met her approval. I didn’t want her using the items, if they weren’t what she liked, to be polite. Both items should be here tomorrow. We’re both excited. With my Toyota Prius, I do the basic car maintenance myself. Taking car of the basics saves me from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

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