Binge watching bag making videos

I’ve been slowly gathering the items that I’ll need to accommodate my Juki DU 1181N Walking Foot Industrial sewing machine.  I’ve created a list in my Covey Planner and have started to purchase a few items. I’m looking to have my machine by late spring/early summer. I pushed the purchase back a few months because I’ve decided instead of placing it in my home. I’ll have a small studio created where I can do all my crafting. I’ll be purchasing my industrial sewing machine from a local store.  I need to follow up with the local store owner again to schedule a demo. I contacted him earlier this month, and he confirmed that they do have the Juki in stock, and he also told me that I could come in to check it out for myself.

Besides getting the items needed for my industrial sewing machine, I’ve been devouring bag-making videos on Youtube. There are many people out there making them. I must say that I prefer videos that aren’t live. I guess because I can view the crafter immersed in their craft. The Youtuber pauses more (perfectly understandable) with live videos to interact with those viewing their live video. I can understand the appeal of creating live videos since it’s more time-consuming to upload videos. I’ve listed my two favorite bagmakers below.

    1. Lauren Mormino – She’s the first Youtuber that I started binge-watching their videos. She has a newborn daughter named Dorothy, and her cat, Ben, often appears in her videos. All of them are adorable. Her pattern choices are similar to what my 17-year-old daughter would choose. She’s also an artist, just like my daughter. Also, some of the fabric she creates is her design. How cool is that? Her website is More Me Know.
    2. Siah Swag – I discovered Siah a few weeks ago, and I’ve been watching at least three of her videos weekly. Her sewing style, pattern choices align more with what I’d sew for myself. She also has her website, which is Siah Swag.

Next on my list to purchase is fabric! Today, I’ll be sewing a few cozies for my daughter’s guinea pigs. I’ll be using my domestic sewing machine with the walking foot attached. Some parts of the process will be challenging because the domestic machine has its limitations when handling bulky fabric/layers that I’ll be sewing; however, it’s manageable.


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