Thread Lover

Red threadI’ve finally decided to create a site dedicated to my love of threads.

To be perfectly honest, creating such a site is something I’ve been fighting for a few years, but recently my eclectic site has been getting inundated with a slew of handcrafted goodness. I’ve been blogging since 2003, and have had websites since 1998. I’ve been around for a while. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with writing about my love of many things thread related on my eclectic site, but I realized that not everyone that stops by that site wants to see the endless parade of thread related topics and so… here I am! wasn’t my first choice. The first domain, was taken. Ditto for and so I settled on Threadlover. Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled with the name. But in time, I started to like how it sounded. Thread Lover, Threadlover... ok, the name is growing on me. It seems to fit.

Whether it strands of thread, fiber, cloth or yarn… threads are my base and different mediums are used to create my handcrafted items; knitting, embroidery, sewing and weaving are my favorites; however, I also crochet and create loom woven and off the  loom woven beaded jewelry.


Knitted hat - Kitty Love hat_3-001
Knitting: Kittens in Love

My favorite portable project is knitting and so you’ll see me  knitting constantly, regardless of the season. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of machine embroidery but I’m itching to get back into sewing clothing again.

Sewing Shirt 1_09.24.14-002
Sewing: Ruffled shirt

My most recent sewing project is the above ruffled shirt. I’ve taken in the shoulders since this photo. Guess what?  It’s  been gathering dust for weeks since I think it’s missing something. This started out as a plain shirt, no ruffles. A simple project that would take me a day to complete, a few days tops. However, shortly after I started sewing I thought it needed something. That “something” turned out to be a ruffle. I added that. But then, I didn’t like the size of the ruffle and so I removed the ruffle, cut it down and reattached it to the neckline. The above photos was taken before I shortened the ruffle. And now, I think it need something more. Perhaps the ‘something more, will be a machine embroidered design or possibly some hand sewn bead work? We’ll see…

This weekend, and for the next week or so, I’m going to work on hand sewing buttonhole techniques. I have several machines; six if you really want to know, but I truly love the fine art of hand sewing.

Check out the above video and be in awe of a hand sewn buttonhole.  Well… perhaps you aren’t as awestruck with it as I am? I love making hand sewing buttonholes, but have not made any in a while. It’s time that I change that, don’t you think? Later today, I’m working on a small buttonhole project. I’ll be sure to post what I create here on Threadlover.