Another Sewing Machine: Juki DU-1181N Walking foot Industrial Sewing

This year, I believe, will be the year when I finally purchase my beloved industrial sewing machine.

I’m leaning toward the Juki DU-1181N walking foot machine; however, I’ll be checking out the Juki DDL 8700 sewing machine. I’ve watched numerous videos featuring YouTubers that use this sewing machine in the same way that I’ll be sewing. So the DU seems like the perfect match for me; however, I’ll also check out the Juki DDL 8700.

I honestly believe that the DU 1181N will best serve my needs. However, since there is a sewing shop in my state, I’ll bring a few items to the store to see which one I prefer. Initially, I was planning on setting up the machine in my room; however, I’m seriously thinking about creating a small space outside of the house. If I do that, I’ll move all my crafts related items to that little room. We’ll see.

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