20+ years later, I’m still wearing this…

These pictures were taken yesterday, right before I took my daughter to the Middle School dance at our Lutheran church.

My lovely daughter and me

You see the polka dot dress I’m wearing?

I dislike taking pictures, but I wanted to show how the dress matches my shoes!

I made that dress in my early twenties. I think I might have been 22? Fast forward 22 years later and the dress still fits.

Midnight Blue Wedge Heel

The dress is a perfect match for those shoes I purchased, right?

This dress, was one of the first knit dresses I made successfully on my standard sewing machine. For some reason, I feared knits and avoided them like the plague. Okay… maybe there was a reason. In my teens, my first attempts at making something with stretchy knit fabric did not go very well. I shudder thinking about those leggings I attempted to make.

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy and so while I had every attempt to sew, that wasn’t happening! Which explains why my daughter’s dress (shown in the above picture) was purchased instead of being sewn by me. Sighs… Oh well, the Middle School concert is coming up at her Lutheran school. I have two weeks to design/sew a dress for her. I should be able to start sewing this coming weekend.

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