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Work in Progress: Knitted wool blanket


My long term knitting projects are knitted blankets. I love wool blankets. They are incredibly warm. I’m guessing this knitted blanket will take at least a 100 hours to make.

Here’s one of my knitted blanket projects.

Work in progress: Wool knit blanket

Work in progress: Wool knit blanket

It’s my simple blanket. I didn’t use a pattern; however, it’s something easy that I came up with on my own. I know there are similar ones out there. The yarn used is a superwash wool. I’m trying to knit on it daily. The other blanket I’m knitting looks complicated; however, it really isn’t. I’ll be sure to post that knit blanket in progress soon.

Today, we have snow, so this is the perfect project to curl up with by our woodstove!


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