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Weaving and embroidery in progress


Today, I got around to doing some weaving; however, I didn’t weave too long since I was simply not feeling the process.

I’m sure we’ve all been there right? We want to engage in a craft, but when we actually get that time, we no longer want to do that. Sometimes, I can push through that and other times (like this evening) I know I better stop since I’m not in that mindset. It was a bit disheartening, especially when you thought you were ready to roll. ¬†Since I did want to do “something,” I pulled out that ruffled shirt that I’d been sewing and decided to add some embroidered butterflies to the side. You know, just like the machine embroidered butterflies, that I had added to the pants, but these would be done in a different color.

Shirt Embroidery_4 11.22.14

Embroidery machine stitching the butterflies


In the above picture, you see what is going on while the machine is embroidering.

Shirt Embroidery_1 11.22.14


And here’s an example of the completed project. It’s still shows the markings of my chalk pencil. As I mentioned before, it’s important that the placement of your design is accurate.

Shirt Embroidery_3 11.22.14


This shirt isn’t finished. I think I’ll add bead work to some of the butterflies and I do believe, that I’ll remove the sleeves and redo them. Before I sew them together, I might embroider some butterflies to the sleeves. I’ll see how it looks (via paper placement of the design) before I make my decision.


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