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They’re here! Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock interchangeable set


In my last post I mentioned that I finally purchased the Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock Interchangeable Set. This had been sitting on my want list for months and while I could have easily purchased them when they were released, I didn’t. Well, I’m happy to say that they arrived today and while I have not had a chance to take them for a test drive yet, I’ll be knitting with them soon.

Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock interchangeable set

Check out the beautiful brocade knitting case. Isn’t it gorgeous? Do you see those socks? They are my newest socks in progress and I’m actually knitting them two at a time. I’ve been knitting socks four at a time, so this is a step down from my normal way of knitting socks. The fiber is superfine merino and yak! Yes… yak! Yak is at least three times warmer than sheep’s wool. I must say this makes for some incredibly soft yarn. In fact, this is the softest fiber that I’ve used for socks thus far. I’ll be tempted to see how they hold up?

What sizes are included with this set?

  • 1 set of 0 US/2mm 5″ HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Tips
  • 1 set of 1 US/2.25mm 5″ HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Tips
  • 1 set of 1.5 US/2.5mm 5″ HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Tips
  • 1 set of 2 US/2.75mm 4″ HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Tips*
  • 1 set of 2.5 US/3mm 4″ HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Interchangeable Tips*
  • 2 24″ Sock Interchangeable cables
  • 1 32″ Sock Interchangeable cable
  • 1 40″ Sock Interchangeable cable
  • 1 Set of SOCK Interchangeable Tip Adapters
  • 1 Interchangeable Tool
  • 1 Set of Needle Grips
  • 1 HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needle Case
  • Hiya-Hiya Sheep Needle Gauge

The Sock Interchangeable Tip adapters allow knitters to utilize the HiyaHiya size 2-8US interchangeable tips with the Sock Cables.
*Using 4” 2 and 2.5US cables with the Sock Interchangeable Tip Adapter and a Sock Interchangeable cable creates a 5” interchangeable tip.


I now have all three Hiya Hiya interchangeable Steel Sharps sets

I love that my Hiya Hiya interchangeable sock needles case is a different color than my other two Hiya Hiya Sharp interchangeable sets. Because of that, I’ll be able to easily identify my sock/lace knitting needles from the other two sets.

Another view of my Hiya Hiya Steel Sharp sets. Look at all those pointy needles!

Here’s another look at all three sets, but this time I’m showing all my needles. In total, I spent over $200 for them. I didn’t purchase the sets all at once. I’ve had my Hiya Hiya Sharp Interchangeable Set (small and large) for at least three years and of course I purchased the Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock interchangeable set last week. Like this purchase, these sets were on my wants list for a bit before I made the purchase. I will say that I have no regrets in any of these purchases. My Hiya Hiya needles are the only knitting needles I use now. Before, I was using KnitPicks Options, however I gave those away to another knitter. For her, they were an upgrade.

Well, I’m about to take my new sock needles for a test drive. Checking out the first picture, you’ll see my two at a time, toe-up socks. I’m about to add a lifeline and start making a Fleegle heel. It’s my first time using the Fleegle heel and so it makes sense to install a lifeline in case I make mistakes. Check out this link for the written tutorial of how to create a Fleegle heel and be sure to view the video included below.



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