Embroidery, knitting, sewing, spinning, weaving…

These are three of my favorite things….


July 31 is the deadline for a test knit cowl that I’m knitting for a knitting designer.  It’s simple enough, so I should have that finished in no time. I did give myself an added challenge. I wanted to spin and dye the yarn needed for the project. Well, I’m happy to say that Tuesday, I finally spun the last bobbin of handspun merino yarn that is needed for the project.


Two bobbins of handspun merino, fingering weight yarn.

Thus far, these two bobbins are the thinnest yarn I’ve spun. It’s fingering weight yarn. Although I had plans on dyeing the yarn yesterday, the weather made that “iffy”. It had rained Monday morning and the blacktop and the garden was soaked. Also, while outside, it looked like the rain would come back any minute. In hindsight, I should have dyed they yarn, set it outside on the clothesline to dry and just keep a lookout for rain, but I didn’t. Of course, the rain held out until late last night or early this morning and looking outside I see it has rained again. That’s ok, the yarn will be dyed today and I can just hang it inside. Let’s take a closer look at my handspun yarn, ok?


478 yards of handspun merino

That’s my two yard Niddy Noddy and it is holding 478 yards of my handspun merino.


323 yards of handspun merino

Here’s my one yard Niddy Noddy, it’s holding 323 yards. I’m so excited! I’ll be dyeing the yarn today. Initially, I was going to use onion skins, but… I think I’ll just use some of the Wilton’s food dye for this project. I’ve been using onions from the garden and would have to go to the store to purchase yellow onions. Since I really don’t want to make an unnecessary trip to the store, I’ll use what I have.


Because of the early morning rain on yesterday. I was out in the garden a little after 5:00 a.m.


Some of the weeds I pulled. It took over forty minutes to get them all. This is a very long row. You are only seeing a small part.

Why?A soaked ground makes weed pulling so much easier and so I went outside and pulled the overgrowth of weeds that was between the cabbage and green onions.


Here’s a shot of some of our cabbage. We have one full row of them.


Here’s a closeup shot.


Here’s some of our sunflowers. We have more in the back of the garden… an entire row.

I’m thrilled that I will be able to engage in three of my favorite things this week; gardening, spinning and knitting. I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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