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For appliqué or quilts (which I have not made in a few years) I absolutely adore neatly cut pieces of fabric. I normally accomplish this by placing the ruler on the fabric and marking with chalk, pencil or my Clover Chaco liner, and then cutting. However, I’d much prefer making my cuts directly onto the fabric and now I’ve found a few rulers that do this without the extra steps.Dritz See-Thru Ruler

First up, is the ruler that I used to make my bias tape. It’s my Dritz Seie-Thru Dressmaker’s Ruler. The only drawback about that is that the lines, where the rotary cutter would be inserted, does not extend the entire length of the ruler. See how it’s in sections? I get around this by advancing the ruler forward once the end of my rotary cutting line is reached. Of course, I make sure my measurements are still accurate.

Because of this, I decided to order another one.

June Tailor Shape Cut Pro Ruler 20x23

June Tailor Shape Cut Pro Ruler 20×23


Say hello to the June Tailor 20-Inch-by-23-Inch Shape Cut Pro Ruler. This also has lines, where a rotary cutter blade can be inserted; however, it extends almost the entire length of the ruler!  How awesome is that? Unfortunately, it’s on back order, so I won’t be receiving this until January 23. Boo, hiss!

My research has shown me that her rulers have received overwhelming reviews and after viewing a few of the videos, I can see why. Take a look…


Don’t you think it makes fussy fabric cutting extremely easy? The majority of the reviews are favorable. In fact, with one of her rulers there were no negative comments. That’s fairly impressive since there were numerous reviews made about the ruler. The above, is what I ordered, and it seems to be her largest ruler.

Omnigrip 8.5 X 24


Earlier this week, I received the Omnigrip 8.5 X 12 ruler, which makes cutting fabric on angles much easier. This ruler does not have any slits to insert a rotary cutter, but I can easily place the ruler on the angle needed and start cutting. In fact, I spotted this ruler on Curls & Q’s post titled, Home for my Double Pointed Needles. To be more specific, you can see it in the picture, with the caption, titled ‘Marking the Lines’. I must say, it’s a great post and perfect for someone looking to make their own knitting case.

Honestly, I have not had a chance to try it out yet, but I have three days off, so I’m planning to really test it out then. I can’t wait! Since I have an extra day off, it gives me plenty of time to play with the appliques and whatever I want to get into. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll make a patchwork pillow. Wouldn’t that be delightful?

Do you have any crafting projects for this weekend? I’m hoping to start on an outfit for myself and begin planning my daughter’s outfit for the upcoming Father/Daughter dance.


Items Needed:

  1. Dritz See-Thru Dressmakers Ruler
  2. Omnigrip Ruler
  3. June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler


  1. Q – Thanks for the mention! Um, not to make you jealous, but mom bought that June Tailor ruler for me years ago. I love it! Some of my rulers I’ve used to much that I’m having to replace due to the “close shaves” with my rotary their corners are no longer 45 degrees. LOL!

    Great post!


    Thread Lover Reply:

    Oh, that’s a lovely gift. I’d have loved to get something like that. I enjoy receiving gifts that I can actually use. I really can’t wait to try it out for myself.

    I’m not sure how this ruler has escaped me for so long! ;0
    Thread Lover recently posted…How to serge an inside corner with your Serger


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