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Sewing my own knitting project bag


I hope all those within the USA had a wonderful Independence day. It was a low key celebration for us. While I didn’t do any sewing the past few days, I did manage to make a small project towards the end of last week.

Knitting project bag

Knitting project bag. This fabric was handwoven by me.

See?  I made a knitting project bag for myself. Guess what? The fabric was hand woven by me on one of my looms. If you look at the top of this site, you’ll see that this fabric was included in the page header.

I must say, that this is the first sewn knitting project bag that I’ve made. It comes at the perfect time, because I need to complete a test knit (cowl) before the end of July. I’m currently spinning the second bobbin of my super soft merino,15.5 microns. I created the handwoven fabric over two years ago. Do you know what? It was the first fabric that I created that I truly loved.

Lining of my knitting bag

Lining of my knitting bag

Because I wanted the inside to be as pretty as the outside, I added a lining… see? The colors are vibrant and make me smile.


Here’s a closeup of the fabric that I did use. I handwove several yards of this fabric and over the past two few years I have used it in a few projects. I had a little bit left and held onto it, but decided now was the time to use the remaining fabric for the special project.

Today, I will be working on another small sewing project. It’s my gym bag. One of the side zippers broke well over a year ago and I just have not gotten around to fixing that. Yes, talk about lazy! Well, to be honest, I don’t use that bag a lot and so it hibernated. But today… I’m going to make the repairs.


Over the years, I’ve sewn zippers on various items. Have you? If you’re unsure of how to go about attaching a zipper or simply want to brush up on the variety of ways that you can accomplish this, why not check out the free miniclass on Craftsy?

In other news…

A few weeks ago, while I was exercising at home, our dog Bella, decided to join me.


Isn’t she something? She always has to be right by me. She is my shadow.


Of course… my daughter was right there taking our pictures.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and a fabulous week.



  1. That is so cool that you used your own handmade fabric for your bag. I love it. Did you use a button hole to allow the ribbon to come out?
    I am not so great at zippers yet. My daughter has a backback that she loves and the zipper is broke so I need to learn how to fix it. The one picture looks like your dog is doing a plank with you!


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    Hi Vickie, Yes I guess you could say that I did use a button hole technique for the fabric. I’m really pleased with the bag, but it still doesn’t feel complete. I didn’t add embroidery, but I believe I will.

    If you have the chance, check out the Craftsy tutorials. I reviewed the entire class, just to see my thoughts about the video presentation. Sunni Standing did an excellent job and I do believe it will be helpful for those that might want to improve their zipper skills. I’m going to have my daughter watch that within the next few weeks.
    Opal @ThreadLover recently posted…These are three of my favorite things….


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