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Sewing for pets


Ok… you know I really need to get back on track for making items for myself. This past weekend, we introduced a new pet into our home. It wasn’t spur of the moment, since I knew this might be a possibility for a few months. Saturday, my daughter and I picked my brother and my nephew up from the airport. They had Bella. She’s a Bichon Friese/Poodle mix, otherwise known as a BichonPoo or a BichPoo.

Bella, has a dog bed, but I told my daughter she could make her a doggie pillow if she likes. Our Shih Tzu, Mr. Bentley, already has a nice, big and fluffy pillow. My daughter is also interested in making dog clothes for our newest addition, and so I’ve been taking measurements and creating patterns so my daughter can start sewing. Hopefully, sometime this week, ‘ll be able to hop on my machine and start sewing for me again! 😉


  1. Doggie clothes sound cute! Congrats on the new pet! I love dogs too. We have a toy Goldendoodle, so a mix between a toy poodle and a Golden Retriever. I’ve never made anything for her to wear though. Maybe I’ll have to try sometime!


    ThreadLover Reply:

    You should, I know it would be cute. I’m finally easing back into sewing. Today, it’ll be a simple dress. I have no idea why I’m even thinking about that with how cold it is here. 5 F is our all time high for today. Brrr!!!
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