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Sewing a patchwork pillow


Guess what? Both of my June Taylor Shape Cut Rulers have arrived! I ordered the Shape Cut Pro and the Shape Cut Ruler 16 X 16.5″!

A few hours after they arrived, I took them for a test drive. What better way to put them to use but to make something?  For my first project, with these awesome rulers, I’m making a patchwork pillow. I’ve already cut doublewide ( 5″) squares and jelly rolls (2.5″). I’m not following a pattern. I don’t need to for this project.

The rulers make cutting squares and strips so easy. Because of the slotted lines, I just need to insert my rotary cutter into the the slot, and start cutting!

Constructing a patchwork pillow

Piecing a patchwork pillow



Here’s a look at the patchwork pillow. This hasn’t been sewn at all, I just laid the strips down to see how I like them together. My daughter has given her blessing (on the above placement) and so later, I will sew the blocks together, after making a few minor tweaks.

Yes… I know the colors are subdued, but this is for my mother,  she’s the reigning queen of muted colors. She doesn’t like bright colors or anything flashy. That’s so unlike like my daughter and I. My mom doesn’t even know I’m making this for her. I will say that the colors work perfectly with my parents living room. To make it extra special, my daughter will help sew this pillow.

From my recent blog post, you already know that I have a few projects going on this weekend. The knit maxi dress and now this patchwork pillow. There might be another project in the near future, but that’s purely dependent on what I find if I venture out to the fabric store this weekend.

Initially I had planned on scheduling a different advanced post for today, but I changed that post to a later date, so I could publish this advanced post. I love scheduling posts in advance and WordPress makes it so easy!

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