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Novelty fabric: Disney Vicious Villain Fabric



This weekend, I was able to go to Jo Ann Fabric. I purchased some of the novelty fabric I’d seen online. I wasn’t able to get a lot, since there wasn’t much left, but I have enough to make a few items for my daughter. My daughter loves Maleficent so that’s the Disney print she wanted. You know what? I purchased the movie for our Amazon Fire TV, and we’ve watched it a few times.

We also saw it the day after it was released in theaters.

But back to the fabric…

With the pictures I’ve included below, you’ll notice that I make sure to include the name and where it’s been purchased. The exception would be fabric that I’ve had for years or fabric that’s been gifted to me. I post the fabric info in case someone wants to purchase it for themselves. I know there’s plenty of fabric that others have posted, that I’d love to buy, but not everyone posts the name of the fabric? If you fall under the latter category, can you please, pretty please, start listing where you purchased it and what it’s called? I’m sure many fabric lovers would appreciate that!


Disney Vicious Villan Fabric

JoAnn Fabric: SRI Villians Spell Casting Gray,  sku #: 843747091128


I purchased 1.5 yards of the above fabric


JoAnn Fabric: SRI Villians Spell Casting Gray, sku #: 887816114585


and also 1.5 yards of this…

My daughter loves both prints, but thinks it needs to be injected with a bit more color. I agree, we both love color. I don’t have the colors she wants (light pink or lilac) in my fabric stash so we’ll purchase the appropriate fabric. The leftovers can be added to her growing fabric stash.

My daughter wants to make pillows, with the above fabric, and perhaps I’ll help her make storage containers if there’s any left over. My initial plans of turning the above fabrics into a quilt are dashed since there is simply not enough fabric to accomplish to that, unless I just adds parts to a themed Disney quilt? I could add embroidered Disney panels. Hmm… perhaps, I’ll do that with a block or two.


Fabric Shaz Butterfly Circle

JoAnn Fabric: Fabric Shaz Butterfly Circle, sku #: 400136216441


We also purchased this entire (unopened) bolt of fabric for my daughter’s fabric stash! It’s eight (8) yards and was 50% off! I only paid $27.92, plus tax.

All the fabric purchased is 100% cotton.


Of course, once the fabric arrived home, it went through my standard procedure; the raw edges were sewn with my Coverstitch machine, and all the fabric was tossed into the washer/dryer. Once finished the fabric was pressed, folded and tucked away into my daughter’s fabric stash bin.

She can’t wait to start sewing some fun projects for herself. I believe for her first project, she wants to make pajamas. I’ll be around to give her tips. I might set up my machine near hers, so I can be there to assist as she sews. Doing this will still give me the opportunity to sew maxi knit dress.


  1. I think that is so fun that your daughter sews too. You have your own little sewing buddy 🙂


    ThreadLover Reply:

    It is nice, she’s still at the shallow end although she has hand sewing down. She’s been hand sewing since she was four years old. She’s been machine sewing for a few years, but she really got interested in machine sewing about four months ago. She loves to draw and is eager to learn how to turn her sketches into patterns. 🙂
    ThreadLover recently posted…No new dress, but lots of fun watching my daughter serge


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