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Navajo Ply: By George, I think I’ve got it!


Last weekend, I finally got around to doing some Navajo ply. I have been putting it off, but I finally took the plunge.


Partial Navajo plied yarn ball

I choose a tiny skein of my dyed (food coloring) handspun yarn. I did not mind if it turned out wonky in my attempts at Navajo ply. Armed with my fiber weapons I put the bobbin into my Lazy Kate and explored the unknown world of Navajo ply. Guess what? I emerged, on the other side, victorious! The first skein, shown above, was a bit cumbersome and it felt awkward putting my hands in the proper position.


Handspun merino; Navajo ply

Handspun merino; Navajo ply

The second Navajo ply was still odd, but I improved.  I still have the set the twist on this handspun yarn and dye it.


Navajo ply yarn: Dyed with food coloring

By the time Sunday arrived I found my rhythm and I was Navajo plying without any effort whatsoever.


Below,  I’m including the two videos that I found most helpful on learning Navajo ply.



  1. We went to a fiber festival this past weekend and saw many spinners. I thought of you. I love that green at the top. My favorite color!


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    My daughter loves the green too. I dyed it when it was fiber. I sort of liked it then, but I really love it spun as a yarn. I made sachets for my daughter. I had enough to make two. This was a tiny skein of yarn.
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