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Lost socks… found!


Happiness is….
Discovering your first pair of toe-up socks that you knitted. This morning, they literally dropped on the floor from their ‘hidden’ location. A few weeks ago (ok maybe a month) I put them in a secret place. Sadly the place was so obscure that I hid them from myself. These aren’t the first socks I’ve knitted. I used to knit cuff down. These are the FIRST socks I knit toe-up. Still, two at a time. (There is no way you can convince me to knit one at a time.) Flaws and all (which I corrected with my next pair) I adore these socks and they are my favorite, even though I’ve knit two additional pair, for myself, since then. ❤️

Realizing that they WERE in the secret place where I THOUGHT I put them, and looked AFTER losing them, but somehow, somehow… I just overlooked them during my REPEATED search in that spot. Sighs, I know, I know… 😜 I’m 46, this is too soon for senility to be permanent, right… right? This time, I’ll make a note of where I put them. Emailing myself seems the sensible thing to do.

😋 😄Well… at least I can laugh at myself. 😜😂

Now I’m singing to my socks..
🎶You and me will never part, makidada…

In other news…

I still have wrist pain, but this morning, after dropping my daughter off at school I am going to sit in the sauna.

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