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Knitting two at a time: Dusty rose cable knit socks


I’ve been working on these lovely handknit socks for longer than I care to admit. My left shoulder and wrist have been giving me a lot of pain and so normal activities that would take me a week to do can languish for months, such as these handknit socks. My daughter has a similar pair int he same color scheme, but hers are mainly stockinette stitch (her request) almost the entire length of her sock. Also, her socks are crew length. The socks I’m making have surpassed that and might be knee-high socks if I allow myself to knit them that long. We’ll see. Currently, I must admit being a tad impatient since I’m eager to wear with my adored Dr. Martens. I’ve made a lot of progress on these socks and am now speedily in the long home stretch of knitting the cuffs.

The above picture was taken last week. I ordered additional yarn, in case I do want to make knee high socks and that should be arriving tomorrow, which is perfect since I’m might have 150 yards left on the current yarn skein. After I’m finished the cuff, I’ll go back and redo the heel. I think the heel is a bit too big and this will be the perfect opportunity for me to attempt to recreate heel socks. This will be the first time that I’ve attempted that and I must say that I’m looking forward to the opportunity.  While I’m doing that, I believe I will reinforce the heel and toe of the socks. These yarn used to knit these socks are made from 100% merino wool. BEing that I anticipate these receiving a lot of wear (even though I have plenty of socks to wear) it makes sense to make them as durable as possible, right?


  1. That’s a lovely color/shade!


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    Thank you! I like it also. 🙂
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