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Knitting: How to knit the easiest socks in the world


Several month ago, I stumbled upon this video about sock knitting. They’re using DPNs and knitting one sock at a time. It’s their preference. My preference is knitting four at a time. Two pairs of socks are completed. Which means my daughter receives a pair and so do I. I imagine when I reach a certain number of handknit socks for both of us, I MIGHT go back to knitting two socks at a time. Then again… maybe not. We’ll see!


  1. Nice video and link. I knit that way but just learned magic loop. I don’t know which I prefer yet. I do like using four needles but it is also nice to get two done at the same time.


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    I’ve done both, but my preference is more than one at a time, but everyone is different. 🙂
    Opal @ThreadLover recently posted…Knitting: Hand knit socks completed


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