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Knitting four socks at a time: Wool, polyamide and silk


Is anyone surprised that I’m knitting more socks? Last month, I finished knitting my four at a time socks. Which makes the total hand-knit socks I’ve knit for 2017 to be five. Yes, I knit five socks in January!¬†That’s the most I’ve knit in such a short time frame.


These are the current socks that I’m knitting. Of course I’m knitting them four at a time. The colors are a bit subdued, which is a first for me and to be honest. I’m not liking the colors as much, but I’m still knitting them. To be perfectly honest, I’m not knitting them as fast as the other socks I’ve created and I know that has everything to do with the somber colors. Crazy right? But there you go. The socks on the right are made from sportsweight yarn in a blend of merino wool and polyamide. I think the pattern is very ‘masculine’ and I’ve decided to knit these for my father. Since they are machine washable (I’m using superwash wool) I don’t have to worry about mom handwashing his socks.

The socks on the right are for my daughter. I really need to start taking more pictures with my good camera so it captures the colors correctly. The above socks are navy blue. I searched for about three days before I found this navy blue sock yarn. This is fingering weight yarn is superfine merino wool and silk. It’s extremely soft and slippery. It’s a fingering weight yarn and it’s a delight to work with although the dark color makes it a challenge to see under dim light. However, I’ve rectified that situation by purchasing a portable clamp on light that I can attach to an object near me and knit with properly illuminated stitches.


Top – Size 0 Knitting needle, Middle – Size 0 Knitting needle, Bottom – Size 000 Knitting needle


For socks, I typically knit with needles ranging in size from 0-2; however, for these socks, the needle size is 000. Since I’m using fingering and sports weight yarn, at such a small gauge this makes for incredibly stretchy socks. Because the needle size is so small, the stitches are tiny. Hopefully these socks should last for a long time. Then again, all my handknit socks are holding up just fine and I knit most of my socks with 100% natural fiber.

Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock interchangeable set

Since it’s obvious that I’m stuck on sock knitting, I finally purchased the Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock interchangeable set. It should be here on Monday! I cannot wait to use them. I already have the small and large Hiya Hiya Sharp Steel set. What have I been using to knit socks? My size 2 knitting needles from my Hiya Hiya Sharp interchangeable set (Small) and also my Hiya Hiya fixed circular knitting needles size 0 and 000.

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