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Knitting Cables and rereading the Pride and Prejudice, illustrated version


Last evening, I pulled out one of my knitting projects.

Knitting Cabled Hat_Agathis_1 3.2.16

It’s a cabled knit hat that I’m making for my daughter. I wish I could say I’m using some of my handspun wool, but I’m not and that’s fine. My daughter loves this color combination! Too bad it’s almost Spring, she won’t be able to wear it too much before it’s tucked away for when it’s cold.

Pride and Prejudice and cable knitting

Pride and Prejudice and cable knitting

Do you see the book in the background? It’s an illustrated copy of Classics Reimagined, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. As a very young child, I read this book. However, I had no idea that an illustrated copy existed until Krisin wrote about it on Wool and Wheel. I talk about my excitement in discovering an illustrated copy of Pride and Prejudice in this post. Besides the few pictures that I’ve shown here and the ones I’ve seen on Kristin’s website. I have made an effort NOT to flip through the book since I want the beautiful illustrations to be a delightful surprise when I turn the pages. I’ve already started reading it and last evening, I read the first three chapters. I also purchased a copy for my lovely daughter. Hers should arrive tomorrow! I’ll be sure to inscribe that copy.

Later this evening, after she’s sleeping or tomorrow after my clients work are finished, I’m also going to sew her a cute little makeup bag to which I add machine embroidery. She has a musical coming up next week and the girls have to wear makeup. If I have more time, I’ll whip up a pair of leggings for her on my Serger machine. Those gifts will be a nice little surprise waiting for her at home after I pick her up from her Lutheran school.

You might not be able to see the stitch pattern that well with my above photo and so, below, I’m including a clearer version of the completed hat.

Agathis Hat

Agathis hat

I did not make the above hat. It’s a photo on the Ravelry project page. Aren’t those cables delightful? I love knitting cables. Guess what? Agathis is a free pattern that you can download on Ravelry. I have a combination of paid and free patterns on that website.

It’s supposed to snow in our area tonight. Not a lot… just enough to do some dusting. I love snow!  This evening, while hanging out with my daughter, I’m hoping to complete several rows of this delightful cable knit hat and of course… I’ll be spinning on Ruth. That’s what I’ve named my spinning wheel. Ruth… what an amazing person and a great example of a Proverbs 31 woman!


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