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Just keep spinning…


Do you know that I look forward to spinning? Since receiving my private lesson, last Thursday, I’ve made a commitment to myself to spin every day. At least for now. Because of this, I’m seeing a lot of improvements, with my spinning, and I’m thrilled.

Ruth, the name I’ve given my Kromski Sonata, has been doing a wonderful job of turning wool roving into yarn. With my help, of course! 😝 However… all this spinning means I’m also running out of fiber. I didn’t purchase too much when I acquired my spinning wheel, which was a little over two weeks ago. I purchased about two pounds? Naturally this means that I’ll be buying more fiber within the next few days. This time around, I’m leaning towards a blend of merino wool and silk… and perhaps I’ll venture outside of just roving. We’ll see!

To keep up my motivation, not that it’s needed since I’m really sold on spinning, I’ve been actively following two spinning forums on Facebook and also, I’ve been searching for bloggers that are also spinners. Surprisingly enough I have not come across too many. From my eclectic website, I knew that Nicky spun and I’ve enjoyed watching her progress into an amazing spinner and early this morning, around 2:30 a.m., after reading the Bible, I stumbled upon Kristin’s website, Wool and Wheel! Hooray! Not only is she a Christian, but she spins, knits and loves to read also. Because of her, I’m purchasing an Illustrated copy of Pride and Prejudice. I’ll be gifting that to my twelve year old daughter and rereading it myself after she’s finished.

I’ll be sure to post pictures of my spinning progress within the next few days. Who knows… I might actually try plying!

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