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Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock Interchangeable knitting needles, Fleegle Heel and frogging


Yesterday, I was able to try out my new Hiya Hiya Sharp Sock interchangeable knitting needles and I must say that I’m really pleased with them. As I already mentioned in an earlier post, I already have the Hiya Hiya Sharp Small and Large interchangeable knitting needles set and so acquiring the set devoted to sock needles, means I have all the sets.

If you already own the Hiya Hiya Sharp Small set, you might not want to make this purchase since two of the five needles are repeats; 2 US/2.75mm 4″ and the 2.5 US/3mm. However, since I do tend to knit a lot with both of those needles (and was already planning on purchasing at least one more of each) I bought them.

Hiya Hiya interchangeable tip adaptor

The Hiya Hiya interchangeable sock set set contains  one set of Hiya Hiya interchangeable tip adapters. These adapters are useful since you can use your larger needles from the Small interchangeable set with your Sock needle set and while some knitters might not swap between sizes when knitting an item, I do. Yes… even with my much loved hand-knit socks. What I did not see was an interchangeable tip adapter that allows you to swap from your sock needle set to the small set.   I’ll have to research a bit more to see if those are available and if not, I’ll follow up with one of the owners who is on Facebook.

But back to my new Hiya Hiya interchangeable sock needles. The cable color is different than the blue cable that I’ve become used to with the Small and Large Hiya Hiya interchangeable set. The cords are pink. I’m unsure if that’s the standard for all the interchangeable sock needle sets, but it’s the color in my set. Although it’s a minor detail, I do prefer the pink cable over the blue. Which is saying a lot, since I don’t actively choose pink with anything.

Below, I’ve included pictures of the socks in progress that I used with these needles.

Fleegle heel. I’m about to do the decreases

This is that squishably soft yarn (superfine merino and yak) that I wrote about in an earlier post. What heel did I use? Fleegle! The ‘Fleegle heel’ is a “new to me heel.” I used the size 1.5 needles for the heel flap on my latest socks, which I’ve shown above. Before, I was mainly using german short rows for my heels.

Hand-knit socks – Fleegle Heel

I must say I really like this heel a lot and it will most likely be one that I use often.

Hand-knit socks – Fleegle heel

While I was extremely satisfied with the fleegle heel, I wasn’t thrilled with the socks fit and so these socks will be frogged… again. Yes, I said… again! This will make the fourth time that I’ve frogged (ripped out stitches) these socks. It’s definitely my fault. With the first frogging, I forgot that this yarn is DK weight which meant I did not need to cast on as many stitches. The second frogging I decided I wanted to switch to different pattern (another one by me) and the third frogging? Well, it has everything to do with the fact that I did not make the foot long enough. So much for eyeballing, right? Instead of having to go through the hassle and sticking my foot into the sock, today, I will take the time to trace my feet and mark where I will stop for the heel flap.

Thank goodness, that I am a process knitter. Although I’ve easily spent 30+ hours on these socks (I’m factoring in everything) I’m not bothered by that at all. When it comes to my crafting adventures, I enjoy the journey.

Earlier this week, I posted the links for creating the fleegle heel. However, I’ll post them again. Enjoy!

Check out this link for the written tutorial of how to create a Fleegle heel and be sure to view the video included below.



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