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Hand dyed merino and pizza cravings


This past Wednesday, I dyed some merino comb top roving. It’s 15.5 microns and is incredibly soft.

handyed merino wool 4.27.16

Merino being dyed in a crockpot. I used Wilton’s icing color

I dyed the fiber in my crockpot. I used Wilton’s icing color. This isn’t the greatest picture, but that’s how it looked when I submerged the fiber in the hot liquid…. murky. I wasn’t liking the color then, but I knew it would change after I took it out of the crockpot. I let the fiber set in the crockpot overnight and the next morning I took it out. I removed the excess water by gently wrapping the fiber in a bathtowel. Since it was raining outside, I could not hang it on the clothesline and so I hung it inside to dry. It was chilly here, so the woodstove was on, providing added heat to the room.

Merino fiber dyed with Wiltons food dye_2 4.29.16

Merino fiber dyed with Wilton’s icing color

Guess what? I really love this color.

Merino fiber dyed with Wiltons food dye_1 4.29.16

I love this color. It reminds me of autumn and the variety of colors you find in fallen leaves.

My only regret is that I did not dye more. However, I’ll spin this into a fingering weight yarn and use it for a small project.

Handspun merino yarn 15.5 microns 4.29.16

Handspun fingering weight merino yarn

I’m still spinning the bobbin of fingering weight handspun yarn… see? I’m hoping to finish it this weekend! We’ll see. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew will be in town.

Because yesterday was a cold day, I decided to make a tiny surprise for my daughter… pizza! The dough was prepped in the morning, which gave it plenty of time to rise.

Homemade pizza ICL_1 4.28.16

This is what it looked like, right before I slid it in the oven. This is a half and half pizza; half is sausage and the other half is vegetables.

Granite mortar and pestle, 15lb

Granite mortar and pestle, 15lb

The herbs and spices were freshly ground in my 15 pound granite mortar and pestle. The ‘pizza sauce’ had been simmering for a few hours, to really add a full body flavor… and the crust was lightly seasoned with herbs. Not too much, since I did not want to overpower the pizza. After returning from picking my daughter up from school, she was welcomed with the delightful smell of a freshly made pizza!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me — dyeing and making good eats. I think the dyejob looks just fine and it’ll be interesting to see how the colors play when you spin this up.


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    It was! Thanks I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with dyes. I can’t wait to see what it looks like either. 😉
    Opal @ThreadLover recently posted…Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016


  2. Your pizza looks great!


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    Thank you. It didn’t last long.
    Opal @ThreadLover recently posted…Spinning, gardening and reading…


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