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Franklin Covey Classic: I’m loving my planner


Wow, the time is flying by so quickly. I’m a person that likes to plan. I find it much better than the ‘flying by the seat of one’s pants’ approach that I observe with some people and keeping on top of what’s happening in my life, ensures that I won’t forget. Another thing with planning is that I rarely write things down digitally. I much prefer the pen and paper approach. It’s what I’ve done for years. Yes, I’ve used digital calendars/planners, however, I simply don’t like using them.

Early this month, I started looking for a refillable planner, something a bit ‘nicer;’ than simply writing things down in a notebook. During my search, I discovered the Franklin Covey planners. The brand name isn’t new to me, however, the journalist that avidly talk about their Covey’s, write and YouTube their love of this planner was. While I really liked how the Franklin Covey planners looked, I was unwilling to pay the Franklin Covey price for a leather bound refillable and off to eBay, I went and I found this lovely planner. Do you see the hangtag? It says, ‘Attitude is Everything’ and isn’t that the truth? If we have a pessimistic attitude, can we really be surprised if the various obstacles we encounter in life are (seemingly) overwhelming and if we continue to complain is it any wonder that we might find that people don’t want to be around us?

The seller advertised this as used with some scuff marks. However, after observing the numerous photos they showed. I suspected that the ‘scuff marks’ could possibly be erased by using a good leather conditioner. When I received my order, two days later, I discovered that I was right. Since purchasing, I’ve used this planner every single day. I love this planner.

Currently, I’m working on inserts. I’m unsure why the lines on the left aren’t appearing, but they’re there. As you can see, I’m not making anything too fancy… yet and you know what? I really might not want to do so with this planner.  I’ve seen some planners that looked like scrapbooking gone wild. While that’s nice, it’s definitely not my style. 🙂


  1. Nice find. I like planners too. I need them. My daughter and I are trying bullet journals this year. We are having fun with them.


    Opal @ThreadLover Reply:

    I’ve heard of bullet journals. An acquaintance has been thinking about using them for herself. My daughter uses a planner also. 🙂
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